Reporting a Complaint / Violation

Most code compliance cases are initiated by Rosenberg residents. If you suspect a code violation in your neighborhood, you may report it to Citizen Relations by calling 832-595-3301. Once filed, the complaint is routed to the appropriate department. An investigation will be conducted and the property owner will be notified if a deficiency is found.

After a complaint is made, a Code Enforcement Officer will visit the property and confirm that a code violation exists. If a deficiency is found, a Notice to Abate will be sent to the property owner(s) for correction. The owner(s) have an allotted amount of time to correct the violation. If a deficiency is not corrected, there is a potential for a citation, fines, or other means of ensuring compliance.

If you receive a Notice to Abate, it is important to follow the directions carefully and to contact the Code Officer, work on abatement of the concern/violation, and stay in communication with your assigned Code Enforcement Officer to ensure compliance is reached.