The City of Rosenberg Health Department is primarily responsible for enforcing city, state and federal laws that regulate the food industry. Our goal is to provide the citizens of the City of Rosenberg access to a high quality of life by reducing the potential of foodborne illnesses by focusing on education, regulation, training, and monitoring of the retail food industry.

Regulations, Fees & Further Information

The City of Rosenberg has adopted the 2015 Texas Food Establishment Rules (TFER) (PDF) available on the Texas Department of State Health Services website. The TFER state that a person may not operate a food establishment without a valid permit or license to operate issued by the regulatory authority. According to the TFER, food establishment includes an operation that is conducted in a mobile, stationary, temporary, or permanent facility or location; where consumption is on or off the premises; and regardless of whether there is a charge for the food.

You may find local regulations pertaining to food establishments in Chapter 13 of the City of Rosenberg Code. The Health Department fees can be found on the City's Schedule of Fees. For further details on particular fees or charges, please email the Health Department or call 832-595-3500.

Find information on the State's Food Safety Manager Certification Program.

New Construction & Change of Ownership

An inspection is required for all new food establishments and any food establishment that has had a change of ownership. Please review the Construction Requirement for Food Establishment (PDF) before contacting the Health Department to schedule an inspection. Applications for permits may not be completed until the Health Department has been contacted and an inspection has occurred. Food Dealer's Permits are not transferable between locations or owners.

Restaurant Scores

View the most recent restaurant scores.

Mobile Food Establishments

Please review the Mobile Food Establishments Information Packet (PDF) before contacting the Health Department.

Access the Mobile Food Unit Approval Process (PDF).

Temporary / Special Event Permits

Please review the Temporary Food Permit Applicant Information Packet (PDF) before contacting the Health Department.

Health Permit Application

Please review the Health Permit Application before contacting the Health Department.

Liquor License Application

Please review the Liquor License Application before contacting the Health Department.


To report a complaint, please use the Contact Us Form or contact City of Rosenberg Citizen Relations at 832-595-3301.