Our goal is to serve the public, the city organization, and our suppliers efficiently, professionally, and ethically. 

This website serves to assist suppliers and inform the public about the following:

Bid Opportunities

Rosenberg long-overlay

How To Do Business With The City of Rosenberg


House Bill 1295 Requirements

Texas House

Procurement Policy


Procurement Code of Ethics


Procurement Guidelines


Financial Transparency


Vision Statement

To be a benchmark for procurement excellence in which other municipalities and governmental organizations measure success.

Mission Statement

The Procurement Department serves the City of Rosenberg by:

  • Procuring goods and services that provide the best value to the City
  • Demonstrating professional assistance and guidance to all—in the acquisition of City goods & services
  • Ensuring all government requirements are applied with ethics, open-accountability, and integrity
  • Establishing opportunities and a fair process for suppliers to partner with the City of Rosenberg’s legacy of growth and excellence
  • Encouraging and equipping suppliers in providing:
    1. Quality goods & services
    2. Excellent performance
    3. Best cost value
    4. Exceptional support

Values Statement

Procurement will become a trusted partner among our departments by providing direct support to the City of Rosenberg for all of its procurement needs in a manner that is ethical, impartial, open, fair, and honest, and sustains a continuous and measurable improvement in performance. It is also accountable for the quality of the technical assistance, exceptional service, and continuous improvement in the purchasing process.

Procurement contributes to the delivery of a cost-efficient operation by endeavoring to ensure that the City and the taxpayers receive full value through their procurement expertise to assure the timely acquisition, and distribution of goods and services offering the best value from a competitive solicitation process from the most responsive and responsible bidders considering cost, quality, suitability, service, and delivery.

Procurement is responsible for the issuing of solicitations for commodities, construction and renovations, equipment, furnishings, non-professional services, and professional services in compliance with federal and state statutory regulations, City policies, procedures, and rules.

Procurement is responsible for ensuring that bid specifications and contract documents are designed to optimize the quality of goods and services while at the same time minimizing the financial risk to the City. 

Procurement ensures that the department strives to offer a fair and equitable bidding environment and to encourage minority and small business participation in all contracts.