Fire Fighter Jackets Hanging in a Row

Mission Statement

To minimize the destructive impact on life and property caused by fire, accidents, and illness.

Value Statement

The Rosenberg Fire Department is dedicated to providing the highest level of  service to our citizens, businesses and visitors by encompassing a spirit of mutual respect for all.

As an organization, we strive to provide the highest possible level of service to everyone who lives in, works in or visits the City of  Rosenberg.  Because of the generous support from our citizens and city leaders, we are able to develop a highly trained and dedicated group of professionals, who provide fire and rescue services.


The Rosenberg Fire Department consists of 60 full-time authorized positions, 58 of which are uniformed personnel with 2 civilians. We operate out of 4 fire stations strategically located throughout Rosenberg.

Rosenberg Fire Department has 3 rotating shifts - A, B, and C; therefore, all shift personnel work a 48 hour on-duty, 96 hours off-duty schedule. The number of employees assigned to each station varies with the size of the station and the apparatus located there.

Current annual call volume is approximately 6,200 emergency service calls.