Court Sessions & Resources

Regular Court Sessions

The Rosenberg Municipal Court has regular court on Tuesdays.

To reduce courtroom occupancy, if you have an upcoming court date, you must call the Municipal Court at 832-595-3450, before your court date, and the court staff will assign a time for you to appear on your court date. You will need to check in before the court appearance time.

Bench & Jury Trials

Bench trials and jury trials are usually scheduled for each month as needed.

Show Cause Hearings

Show Cause Hearings are usually scheduled for the second Thursday of each month.

Rosenberg Municipal Court Dockets

Court dates are scheduled for every Tuesday. There are several types of cases set for court dockets: arraignments, bond hearings, bench trials, jury trials, juveniles, show causes, extensions, initial appearances, etc.

Appointments & Fees Report

Download the Appointments and Fees Report (PDF).

Self-Help Resources

The public has access to self-help resources, as directed under Texas Senate Bill 1911, effective September 1, 2017.

Contact with the Court

It is improper for the Judge to discuss the merits of any case with anyone. The Judge will not discuss or comment on the merits of a case except during regular court sessions and then only in strict accordance with the Rules of Criminal Procedure and Code of Judicial Conduct.

Appearances & Rescheduling Court Appearances

Learn about how to reschedule court appearances and the consequences for failure to appear in court.