Major Thoroughfare Plan

The Planning Department maintains a Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) that defines the network of future roads identified to handle various levels of vehicular traffic and defines a hierarchy for roadways to provide a balance between mobility and access. The plan describes the general location and scale for thoroughfares within the City of Rosenberg. The MTP shows roads that are currently built and others that are yet to be constructed. It serves as a general guide for the long-range growth of the City and its future roadway network. The MTP provides generalized locations for roadways. Road alignments may shift as roads are engineered to accommodate the conditions of the land and to meet engineering and design principles.

Completion of the thoroughfare system will occur over a lengthy period of time, as the lands adjacent to the thoroughfares are developed, through landowner agreements, and through capital improvement programs. The MTP identifies right-of-way needs in advance of new development. As subdivision plats are submitted by developers and reviewed by the City, Staff ensures that any right-of-way needs shown on the MTP are accommodated on subdivision plats.