Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing DiagramSanitary Sewer Smoke Testing

The City of Rosenberg Utility Department is in the process of implementing an Inflow/Infiltration (I/I) Reduction Program and will begin sanitary smoke testing within the city. The program objective is to remove storm water sources from the sanitary sewer system, keep wastewater treatment costs and sanitary sewer rates low, and protect the environment.

Smoke Testing is a standard method of detecting sewer defects and storm water cross connections to the sanitary sewer system. Smoke testing consists of placing a high capacity blower on top of a sanitary sewer manhole and forcing “smoke” down into the sewer system. The smoke, under pressure from the blower, travels through the sewer system and escapes through any connection, cracks, leaks, etc., along the way. This quickly reveals sources of I/I within the study area.

View the  City of Rosenberg Smoke Test FAQ (PDF) for commonly asked questions about the process.