Charter Review Committee


The Charter Review Committee (Committee) reviews the current city charter and makes recommendations to City Council.  

Sec. 12.12 Charter Review Commission. 

  1. Five years after the adoption of this Charter and every five years thereafter, the City Council shall appoint a Charter Review Commission composed of 13, 15, or 17 members from a pool of qualified applicants. Appointment shall be made at the first regular meeting following the anniversary date of the Charter's adoption. The Charter Review Commission shall serve for six months, or a longer term if extended by the City Council, and shall meet at least once each month during its term. 
  2. The Charter Review Commission must establish its own rules of procedure, which must require that a quorum consists of a majority of its members and that an affirmative vote of a majority of all members present is necessary to act. 
  3. The Charter Review Commission shall: 
    • Inquire into the operations of City government and review the Charter to determine whether it requires revision. Public hearings may be held and the commission shall have the power to compel the attendance of City officers or employees and to require the submission of City records necessary to its inquiry and review; 
    • Propose any recommendations it deems desirable to ensure compliance with Charter provisions by City departments; 
    • Propose any Charter amendments it deems desirable to improve the effective application of the Charter to current conditions; and 
    • Make a written report of its findings and recommendations to the City Council. 
  4. The City Council shall receive and have published in the City's official newspaper the Charter Review Commission's final report. It shall consider any recommendations and, if any amendments are presented, shall order the amendment or amendments submitted to the voters of the City.

Article XI, Section 5 of the Texas Constitution prohibits charter amendments oftener than two (2) years.  In accordance with such Article, the Texas Legislature enacted Section 9.004 of the Texas Government Code, which governs charter amendments and prescribes both the time and method for such amendments.  Specifically, Section 9.004(a) provides that a governing body of a municipality may submit a proposed amendment to the qualified voters on its own motion, but shall submit a proposed charter amendment to the voters if the submission is supported by a petition signed by either 20,000 or five percent of the City's qualified voters, whichever number is smaller.

An Attorney General of Texas opinion dated April 4, 1986 states that this requirement means 365 days per year.

A charter amendment election date must also comply with Section 3.005 of the Texas Election Code, which requires an election to be held on a uniform election date to be ordered no later than the 78th day before election day.

Membership is undefined (at City Council discretion).  Meetings of the Committee are held in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 2110 4th Street, Rosenberg, TX 77471.

For more information, please contact the City Secretary's office at 832-595-3340.

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Agendas are posted in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act. Minutes are available following approval.

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