City at Sunset

City Mission

To provide exceptional services that create and sustain a safe, livable and vibrant community. 

City Vision

Building a better tomorrow together by cultivating a City that is financially strong, with a thriving economy, quality infrastructure and dynamic culture. 

Core Values | Rtown THRIVES 

  • Teamwork | We believe in the power of collaboration and unity among our citizens, leaders, and our own staff to achieve common goals and enhance the well-being of our community.
  • Hometown | We cherish and preserve the unique character and history of our town, creating a sense of belonging for all who call it home.
  • Respect | We promote a culture of mutual respect, recognizing the inherent worth and dignity of every individual in our diverse community.
  • Integrity | We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency and accountability in all our actions and decisions.
  • Vision | We embrace innovation and forward-thinking ideas to shape a sustainable and prosperous future for Rosenberg while preserving our historic past
  • Employees | We strive to maintain a healthy work culture that places an emphasis on physical and mental well-being so our employees can perform to their full potential. 
  • Service | We are committed to delivering superior services and continuously improving to meet the needs of our community.

City Goals

  • Planning and Development
    To plan and invest in infrastructure to accommodate the future growth and development of Rosenberg.
  • Safe and Attractive Community
    To improve the community for the citizens and businesses of Rosenberg by creating a safe and attractive City through public safety initiatives, code compliance strategies, land use regulations, and revitalization programs.
  • Facilities, Technology and Equipment
    To develop a strategy that provides city facilities, technology, and capital equipment required to support a rapidly growing City.
  • Civic Engagement
    To improve community and civic engagement.
  • Culture and Recreation
    To maintain and enhance the current culture, special events, recreation, and parks.
  • Financial Sustainability
    Provide wise stewardship of financial resources to meet current and future service demands and obligations.
  • Organizational Development
    To maintain and continually create a confident workforce with a supportive culture.

About Rosenberg

Rosenberg is at the geographic and logistic heart of Fort Bend County. We've experienced phenomenal growth over the course of the last decade, thanks to our business-friendly atmosphere, strategic location, convenient access to the Port of Freeport and the Port of Houston, and a superb quality of life.

The City encompasses approximately 108 square miles - over 37 of which are within our Corporate (City) Limits. Approximately 50% of this land is undeveloped. This means that City has much more room to grow - providing abundant opportunities for additional development of commercial, residential, and industrial enterprises.

Rosenberg offers everything to meet your needs including convenient access to a diverse and skilled workforce, large tracts of undeveloped land, and modern highway, rail, and utilities infrastructure. In addition to an exceptionally business-friendly environment, our community offers unique leisure activities, family-friendly festivals and events, excellent local eateries, and a growing list of recreational activities that contribute to our friendly, laid-back quality of life.