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  1. Koeblen Road Closure Feb. 21-28

    Koeblen Road will be closed to thru traffic except property owners beginning today, Feb. 21. The road is set to reopen on Feb. 28. Read on...
  2. Bryan Rd (West) Total Closure for Reconstruction

    Bryan Rd (west) will have a total closure for reconstruction at FM2218 toward the I-69 frontage Rd. Local traffic will have access from I-69 Frontage NB. Read on...
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Highway 90A Road Construction Project

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is responsible for the Highway 90A road construction project?

The Highway 90A road construction is a Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) project. This project is managed by the Fort Bend Area Office located at 4235 Highway 36 S in Rosenberg. They can be reached at 281-238-7900. The City of Rosenberg does not manage this project. 

What is the scope of the project?

The Highway 90A construction project is comprised of replacing the railroad underpass with an overpass and installation of underground storm sewer for drainage. 

 Why is the project taking so long?

Major road projects are extremely complex and require a significant amount of work; all while still having to accommodate existing traffic. Although projects are meticulously planned out, often things occur during construction that were not anticipated such as weather, unforeseen site conditions such as a needed gas line relocation on this project, labor issues, material supply and demand and more. 

One of the main factors that significantly delayed construction was lack of approved permits from the BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) railroad. 

 Is TxDOT replacing the current contractor? What’s next?

Yes. TxDOT, in cooperation with the Contractor, have agreed to terminate the construction contract. While the contract is being formally terminated TxDOT is making some revisions to the construction plans and will schedule the project for the bidding process.

 Why do there always seem to be delays on road projects?

A lot of upfront research, site inspections, public input, and professional expertise goes into planning and designing roadways. However, once construction starts, workers and engineers may discover unknown underlying conditions that need to be remedied before work can continue. Unstable soils, shifted foundations, unmapped or incorrectly mapped utility lines, drainage issues, permitting issues and unexpected environmental concerns are all reasons project plans may have to be altered.

 What is the City doing to help?

Mayor Raines and City Manager John Maresh had a meeting with TxDOT last week to inquire about the progress of construction. Our City Project Director always works very closely with TxDOT to keep updated on the status of projects within the City. 

The City also invited TxDOT to our two public Town Hall Meetings held in late 2021 to share project updates.

 Can the concrete walls and barriers be removed in the meantime?

The City did ask if TxDOT would remove the low-profile barriers and return the lanes to the full pavement width just as they were before construction started while TXDOT goes through the process to hire a new contractor. They stated this is not an option at this time. From TXDOT’s perspective, the additional delay to go through the processes of moving barricades is relatively short and TXDOT does not believe it would be in the traveling public’s best interest to change the traffic control plans back and forth until necessary for construction-related purposes. 

 What is a detour to avoid the construction?

If you typically travel Highway 90A between Richmond and Rosenberg and would like to avoid this intersection during construction, we suggest using Avenue I to FM 762 or Highway 59 to FM 762.

 Who can I contact to discuss this project?

This project is managed by TxDOT’s Fort Bend Area Office located at 4235 Highway 36 S in Rosenberg. They can be reached at 281-238-7900. For more information, you can also visit TxDOT’s project tracker website here: