Cold Weather Updates

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This page was last updated 1/23/2024 at 9:50 a.m.

Stay Safe! See the following cold weather alert, information, safety tips and resources.

For a list of any road closures, click here. 

See the National Weather Service forecast here. 


1/22/2024 (12:14 p.m.) 

Latest radar image shows some of the heavier rain over Fort Bend County. If you are heading out for lunch, plan for extra time on the roadway.
Stay safe!

1/17/2024 (8:18 p.m.) 

Hard Freeze Warning is in effect across Southeast Texas through 10 a.m. All locations will be warming to above freezing this afternoon. The area cools back down tonight, but not as cold. It will be much warmer on Thursday (highs in the 60s!) ahead of the next cold front.

1/16/2024 (4:04 p.m.) 

Lamar CISD will continue with normal school operations on Wednesday, January 17.

WEATHER ADVISORY: After coordinating with local officials and evaluating the latest weather conditions, we will continue with normal school operations on Wednesday, January 17. Please review this post or check your email for additional information.

1/16/2024 (3:33 p.m.) 

Cold last night...cold again tonight. Expect temperatures to fall to a similar level tonight as we just experienced, so we have a hard freeze warning in place area-wide tonight. Anticipate lighter winds, but wind chills in the single digits to teens are still on tap.

1/16/2024 (12:58 p.m.) 

Ballet classes that are hosted at the Rosenberg Civic Center are now canceled for Tuesday, Jan. 16! For questions, call 832-595-3520!

Due to inclement weather Ballet classes for tonight are CANCELED.

1/16/2024 (9:17 a.m.) 

GFL has notified the City that they will NOT be picking up solid waste today. They will resume collections tomorrow with recycling (Jan. 17). Monday and Tuesday's missed pick-ups will be collected on your next service day, which is either Thursday (Jan. 18) or Friday (Jan. 19).

For questions or concerns, please call GFL directly at 832-271-5187.

1/16/2024 (7:30 a.m.) 

Many of the roadways that were closed yesterday, remain closed this morning. Please stay home and off of the roadways if possible. You can check the status of many of the major roadways by using the following link:
Stay safe and stay warm!

1/16/2024 (6:00 a.m.) 

If you’re using a space heater to stay warm during this cold spell, keep these safety tips in mind. Check for frayed cords, plug it directly into an outlet, not an extension cord and keep objects at least three feet away.

1/16/2024 (5:40 a.m.) 

After a very cold start to the day across Southeast Texas (wind chill temperatures at 5 AM range from 2 degrees at College Station to 12 degrees at Galveston!), look for afternoon highs mainly in the 30s. Very cold tonight with a Hard Freeze expected. Warmer on Wednesday. Stay safe out there!

1/15/2024 (8:24 p.m.) 

Municipal Court is now canceled for tomorrow Jan. 16 due to inclement weather and all cases will be reset. If you have questions you can call the city tomorrow at 832-595-3450. 

1/15/2024 (4:52 p.m.) 


In response to the inclement weather forecasted for this weekend, Attack Poverty will open a Warming Center on Sunday, January 14th at 6 PM at Friends of North Rosenberg Resource Center. We will update the community further about opening days

Hours of operations: 6pm-6am

Address: 1908 Ave E Rosenberg, TX 77471

Contact: (832)-471-6090

1/15/2024 (4:15 p.m.) 

Creekside Christian Fellowship is open till 6pm today and will be open tomorrow from 8am to 6pm for individuals who need a place to warm up!

1/15/2024 (2:45 p.m.) 

Officers are on scene on an 18 wheeler accident at the Spur 10 bridge over I-69. The Spur 10 bridge is completely iced over at this time. We are receiving reports of ice also developing on the Brazos River bridge and on I-69 overpasses. Please do everything possible to stay off the roadways and use caution if you have to drive.

View updates on road conditions in the city at the following link.

1/15/2024 (2:04 p.m.) 

Lamar CISD update! Schools are canceled Tuesday, Jan. 16! 

WEATHER ADVISORY: As a result of additional anticipated precipitation this evening, we have decided to cancel all scheduled activities for today, Monday, January 15.

In addition, school and all district activities for Tuesday, January 16, are cancelled.

Parents/guardians, please note that additional information may be sent directly from campuses and/or program coordinators.

We are monitoring weather conditions and will decide about school operations for Wednesday, January 17, by Tuesday afternoon. The District will continue to provide updates as necessary via Skylert, website, and District social media accounts.

Additionally, we encourage all our families to monitor local weather outlets and stay safe.

1/15/2024 (1:06 p.m.) 


GFL has stopped picking up trash for the day. They will resume normal schedules tomorrow. If your trash was not serviced today, it will be picked up on Thursday, Jan. 18.

For utility service issues, etc. please call PD dispatch at 832-595-3700.

 For emergencies, please dial 911.

1/15/2024 (11:11 a.m.) 

Extreme cold can be dangerous.

Before spending any time outside, make a plan to stay warm.

Dress in Layers

Limit Your Time Outdoors

Winter Weather Resources for Texans:

1/15/2024 (11:09 a.m.) 

Winter weather is affecting a large part of Texas Monday morning. Please stay off the roads if you can, but if you must drive stay alert, slow down & keep a safe distance. Our crews continue to treat and monitor roadways, but check for the latest conditions.


1/15/2024 (10:56 a.m.) 

UPDATE 10:54 A.M. - Too many hazardous roadway issues to list at this point. Please stay home and off of the roadways if you can.


Currently have reports of slick conditions beginning out in the Fulshear/Simonton area. Other reported areas include:

-I-10 at Fry Rd.

-I-10 at FM 359

-SH 99 @ Mason Rd.

-SH 99 @ Cinco Ranch Blvd.

-Issues reported in Pecan Grove - Pecan Grove Volunteer Fire Department

-US 59 Main lanes and feeders both directions between First Colony Blvd. and Crabb River Rd.

-US 59 southbound on-ramp to University Blvd.

- University Blvd. at Elkins Rd.

Be very cautious if you must travel, but it is best to stay off of the roadways if possible.

1/15/2024 (10:47 a.m.) 


Due to the inclement weather, GFL has notified the city that there may be a delay in trash pick up today and tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan. 16. Please call GFL directly at 832-271-5187 for any questions.

1/15/2024 (7:31 a.m.) 

If you are out on the roadway this morning, drive slow and be cautious. There are reports of ice on the road right outside of Fort Bend County. No reports of ice in Fort Bend County but that could change at any time.

Be safe!!

1/14/2024 (7:52 p.m.) 

City Offices will be closed on Mon., Jan. 15 in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. GFL will be running normal routes tomorrow. Reminder: if you need assistance, please call GFL directly at 832-271-5187.

For emergencies, please dial 911. 

1/14/2024 (7:37 p.m.)

WEATHER ADVISORY: Although Monday, January 15, is a District holiday for all students and staff, there are some extracurricular activities scheduled, such as athletic practices, athletic games, and fine arts rehearsals. All scheduled activities will proceed, but any outdoor activities will now be held indoors. However, if there is precipitation or travel becomes dangerous, then we will cancel all activities.

The District will continue to provide updates as necessary via Skylert, website, and District social media accounts. Additionally, we encourage all our families to monitor local weather outlets and stay safe. 

1/14/2024 (8:02 a.m.)

Today begins our streak of cold weather for the next few days! The Winter Weather Advisory has been expanded further south and west & is in effect at 6 PM tonight. A Wind Chill Advisory is also in effect tonight. 

1/13/2024 (7:32 a.m.)

Today the temperatures will be mild compared to what is coming tomorrow so take advantage of this time to prepare. During a hard freeze, protecting people, pets, plants and pipes is critical.

1/12/2024 (4:32 p.m.)  

WEATHER ADVISORY: The District is actively monitoring the anticipated weather reports for next Monday, January 15 and Tuesday, January 16.  

The safety of our students and staff is our priority, and our teams are prepared and on alert. 

If we ever need to cancel activities or delay or close schools, Lamar CISD will send out communication via Skylert (which can include e-mail, text and phone messages), post information to our social media platforms, and update the district website with an official notice.   

Please take this time to update your Family Access in Skyward which ensures that you receive messages from your campus and the District including emails and text messages.

1/11/2024 (2:39 p.m.)  

There is a growing concern of heavy ice in southeast Texas beginning Monday night into Sunday night.

In an effort to help residents alleviate the cold, Attack Poverty | Friends of North Rosenberg will be open Sunday, January 14 - Tuesday, January 16 from 6 pm to 6 am as an option for a warming center.

1/11/2024 (1:08 p.m.)  

The latest information from the National Weather Service - Houston/Galveston shows that we are very likely to see freezing temperatures as early as Sunday night. We do not often speak of wind chills but they will be a concern so bundle up if you will be outdoors. 

We now are adding a slight chance of wintry precipitation to the advisory. It is a very low chance but does need to be discussed. It will come down to timing… the arrival of the freezing temperatures will be the element. If we begin to reach freezing before the moisture moves out we could see some minor icing on roadways. 

We will see a hard freeze over Monday and Tuesday night. This means that it is of the utmost importance to protect against the freeze.

Stay weather aware as there have been some changes to the forecast arrival times and conditions.

1/11/2024 (8:47 p.m.)  

The cold weather is coming! Make sure your pets are kept warm and fuzzy through the upcoming freezing weather. 

1/11/2024 (8:47 p.m.)  

The forecast arctic cold front shows the temperatures falling as early as Sunday. Space heaters are a good way to help heat your home without the expense as long as it is safe. 

1. Select a model that shuts off if it tips over

2. Always place heaters on level surfaces and at least 3 feet from anything flammable.

3. Never leave them unattended.

Stay safe everyone!

1/11/2024 (8:47 p.m.)  

Take time to ensure you and your home are weather-prepared.

1/11/2024 (12:10 p.m.)  

❄️🌡️ City of Rosenberg Prepares for Extreme Cold and Encourages Residents to Do the Same ❄️🌡️
The city of Rosenberg’s Emergency Management Team is busy preparing for the frigid weather projected for the first part of next week and is asking residents to do the same. Read more information on the cold weather here:

1/11/2024 (10:38 a.m.)  

The US National Weather Service Houston-Galveston Texas has issued an update on the arctic air mass expected this weekend. 

What has changed?

Arctic cold front is expected to move through the area late Saturday night and Sunday.

As always with weather, things change, so stay weather-aware and do not wait to begin your preparations.

1/11/2024 (7:33 a.m.)  

The National Weather Service has forecast that even by Sunday night the Houston area has more than 50% chance of seeing freezing temperatures. By Monday night there is significant percentage in a forecast of temperatures in the 20’s which provides the conditions for a hard freeze.

Make plans to protect people, pets, plants, pipes and even pools.

1/11/2024 (7:33 a.m.)  

We are fortunate not to suffer from frequent frosts or freezes in Southeast Texas. However, when the temperatures turn to freezing, it is more economical to protect your landscape in advance than to replace it afterwards. Here is some great information from Fort Bend County Texas AgriLife Extension -

1/10/2024 (4:16 p.m.)  

The arctic air is expected to arrive on Monday night, don't wait to get preparations underway to prevent pipes from freezing. 

1/10/2024 (9:45 a.m.)  

Weather advisory from the National Weather Service for Thursday Night….

A thin line of showers and thunderstorms is expected to develop along the next cold front. There is a marginal risk that some could be severe with strong wind and hail.

Stay weather-aware!

1/10/2024 (6:11 p.m.)  

With the approaching arctic front, there is forecast potential to see a hard freeze. What does that mean? What does it impact?

The primary difference is temperature and length of time. In the event of a light freeze which is 29-32 degrees, you will want to protect people, bring your pets inside and protect plants. If temperatures fall to 28 degrees or below for 4 hours or more which is a hard freeze, you need to include protecting outdoor pipes.

At this time, a hard freeze is possible so begin preparations now.

1/10/2024 (6:10 p.m.)  

A strong arctic cold front is projected to move through Southeast Texas Sunday night into Monday morning. Significantly colder arctic air is expected in the Houston Metro area and along the coast lows will be in the mid to upper 30s.

The timing of the coldest temperatures is projected to be overnight Monday into Tuesday morning. Temperatures are expected in the Houston Metro and areas south of I-10 to be in the low 20s. There is an increasing chance of a widespread hard freeze (temperatures lower than 24F) during this timeframe. While lows will be just a touch warmer, there is the potential for a second night of temperatures meeting the criteria for a hard freeze Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. 

With the increasing concern for well below-freezing temperatures, now is the time to prepare. Plan to bring pets indoors, cover or insulate exposed pipes (including pipes underneath raised homes), bring potted plants indoors and apply a thick layer of mulch around outdoor plants, check on family and assist elderly family/neighbors who may need help winterizing their home or who need a warm place to stay.

1/09/2024 (12:04 p.m.) 

Heads up, Rosenberg!  

Cold weather is on the way with an arctic cold front expected early this next week. Temperatures are forecast to reach freezing during overnight hours. It is too early to project how long the temperatures will be in the freezing so it is highly recommended to prepare now. Protect the 4 P's...People, Pets, Pipes and Plants