Procurement Guidelines

General Services City Contracts

A General Services City Contract is always required when an on-site service is to be rendered to the City. Retroactive (after the fact) contracts are not acceptable.

All purchases, regardless of dollar amount that have a City approved contract must have an associated Purchase Order.

Department should enter a requisition for the goods or services to initiate a contract be executed and made available to the department (Procurement Policy, page 11).

Type of Purchases

  1. Purchases less than $3,000
    • One-time Purchases less than $3,000 do not require competitive bidding (however, competition is encouraged), quotation forms, or purchase orders. Directors, or their approved designees, may without further approval of the Chief Procurement Officer, make purchases less than $3,000.
  2. Purchases of $3,000 to $49,999
    • The Department must submit every purchase request for $3,000 or more to the Chief Procurement Officer for approval through the Requisition Process. If a purchase is $3,000 or greater, the City must contact at least two Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB), unless the list fails to identify a HUB that provides similar goods or services in Fort Bend County according to Texas Government Code, Chapter 252.0215.
    • The Department must obtain at least three bid prices or quotes in writing, including any HUB quotes, and attach each to the purchase requisition, unless exempted from the competitive process. The Procurement Department will issue a purchase order when proper authorization is obtained.
  3. Purchases for $50,000 and over
    • The City Manager must approve, through the requisition process, all expenditures for $25,000 or more. Except as provided in Non-Competitive Bid Items, competitive bids are required, and the City must formally advertise for bids and award the bid to the lowest responsible bidder, or to the best value bid for the city if the proposed purchase is $50,000 or more according to the City policy.
    • The department shall enter a requisition when initiating the request for contractual goods and services. The formal bid procedures take at least four to six weeks. The Chief Procurement Officer will be responsible for vendor solicitation and legal advertisements before the bid opening. Such goods and services may be acquired by the issuance of a purchase order. All purchases greater than $50,000 require the prior approval of the City Council.

Non-Competitive Bid Items Under State Statute

  • Books, papers, and other library materials for a public library that are available only from the person holding exclusive distribution rights to the materials
  • Captive replacement parts or components for equipment
  • Electricity, gas, water and other utility services
  • Emergency repairs to ensure public safety
  • Films, manuscripts, or books
  • Management services provided by a nonprofit organization to a municipal museum, park, zoo, or other facility to which the organization has provided significantly financial or other benefits
  • Patents, copyrights, secret processes, or natural monopolies