2024 General Election

The next General Election for the City of Rosenberg will be Saturday, May 4, 2024. Filing for place on the ballot is set by state statute and will run from January 17, 2024 to February 16, 2024.

Filing Method of Candidate Application
A candidate application may be filed in person, by mail, by fax, or by email. The candidate application (English and Spanish) can be downloaded and printed via the Texas Secretary of State's website: Application For A Place on the Ballot For a General Election

  • Filing in Person: City Secretary's Office, City Hall, 2110 4th Street, Rosenberg, TX 77471
  • Filing by Mail: An application submitted by mail is considered to be filed at the time of its receipt by the appropriate filing authority. (Sections 143.007(b); 144.005(b)) Please be advised that an application must be notarized prior to filing via mail. The mailing address is City Hall, Attn: City Secretary, 2110 4th Street, Rosenberg, TX 77471.
  • Filing by Fax or Email: A signed, sworn, scanned candidate application (and petition, if applicable) may be submitted by fax or email. Please be advised that an application must be notarized prior to filing via fax or email. 

The first day to apply for a ballot by mail using Application for a Ballot by Mail (ABBM) or Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) is January 1, 2024. The last day to apply for ABBM (received, not postmarked) is April 23, 2024. For more information, please visit the Texas Secretary of State's website.

Find additional election-related dates and information at Texas Secretary of State - Candidate Information (posted in accordance with TX. Legis. H.B. 305, effective September 1, 2019).

Filing requirements are per state statute, available at Texas Secretary of State - Running for a Local Office, and those of the City of Rosenberg Charter, Article III.

Positions on the ballot for the May 4, 2024 election are:

  • Mayor
  • Councilor At Large-Position 1
  • Councilor At Large-Position 2
  • Councilor, District 1
  • Councilor, District 2
  • Councilor, District 3
  • Councilor, District 4

These positions will serve a two-year term. 

Elections in the City of Rosenberg are conducted in accordance with the Texas Election Code and the City Charter. For more information, contact the City Secretary’s Office at 832-595-3340 or by email at dswint@rosenbergtx.gov.  

Voter registration is handled by Fort Bend County Elections Administrator and the Texas Secretary of State.

VOTING ORDER PRIORITY NOTICE - Texas Election Code Section 63.0015(c) was updated in 2023 to now require this notice on the website: Pursuant to Section 63.0015, Election Code, an election officer shall give voting order priority to individuals with a mobility problem that substantially impairs the person's ability to move around. A person assisting an individual with a mobility problem may also, at the individual's request, be given voting order priority. Disabilities and conditions that may qualify you for voting order priority include paralysis, lung disease, the use of portable oxygen, cardiac deficiency, severe limitation in the ability to walk due to arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition, wheelchair confinement, arthritis, foot disorder, the inability to walk 200 feet without stopping to rest, or use of a brace, cane, crutch, or other assistive device.


  • First Date to File Application for Place on Ballot: January 17
  • Last Date to File Application for Place on Ballot: February 16 @ 5:00 pm
  • Ballot Drawing: February 22 @ 9:00 am
  • Deadline to Withdraw Application for Place on Ballot: February 23 @ 5:00 pm
  • Last Day to Register to Vote: April 4
  • Early Voting Dates: April 22 - April 30
  • Election Date: May 4 (7:00 am-7:00 pm)
  • Canvass Date: May 14
  • Runoff Election Early Voting Dates, if necessary: June 3 - June 14
  • Runoff Election Date, if necessary: June 15