Addressing is a task that presents itself as simple and straightforward but in reality can be multifaceted with implications that are not always clear. The attractive curves and swoops of current development as well as the Next Generation 9-1-1 (NextGen911) standards have combined with explosive growth of the surrounding area to create a challenging addressing environment. The City of Rosenberg has developed this page to aid in addressing requests and facilitate greater understanding of the issues surrounding addressing.

The first course of action is to determine what addressing authority you need to work with to have your address assigned or verified. The City of Rosenberg is the addressing authority within its incorporated limits. The responsibilities of the addressing authority are to assign, verify and keep official records for all addresses and street names within its limits. The GIS Division of the Community Development Department is charged with exercising this authority to provide addressing services for the City of Rosenberg.

Please use this map to find your location of interest and determine if it is within the City of Rosenberg. The search box in the top right of the map window will allow searching by address, street name, and Fort Bend Central Appraisal Districts (FBCAD) property number (begins with R). For the best results use the drop down arrow and select the appropriate layer. The address point layer is set to only show at large scale due to the amount of detail so don't hesitate to zoom in and click around.

Addressing Authority

If your property of interest is within the City of Rosenberg continue to the tabs below but if you find yourself outside of the City you will want to contact one of the two adjacent addressing authorities. The City of Richmond assigns and verifies all of the the addresses within its incorporated limits. The rest of the surrounding area utilizes Fort Bend County Engineering Department for address verification and CenterPoint Maps and Records Department ( for new address assignments.

Rosenberg Addressing Information

Click through the topics below for greater detail about the different aspects of issuing an address.
  1. Primary Address
  2. Secondary Address
  3. Technical and / Or Landmark Address
  4. Public road
  5. Named Private Drive
  6. Zip Code

The primary address consists of the number before the road name and the road name. Any other numbers or descriptors are considered a secondary address. Every developed parcel and inhabitable building will have a primary address. Primary addresses are generally assigned through infill or platting.


An infill address is going to be a one-off developing parcel that most of the time is coming in between established addresses. These types of addresses are considered on a case-by-case basis and are based heavily on the surrounding addresses. These types of requests will normally receive an assigned address letter with attached map. This letter may be provided to anyone requesting to see the official address.


Address plats come from large units of land being developed into multiple parcels usually as a residential neighborhood or commercial/industrial business park. It is common for the large developments to be done in sections and therefore addressed in sections. The land plan provides a rough preliminary vision for the entire development and this is used to create an initial addressing plan. The official address plat will not be produced until the city receives a copy of the recorded subdivision section plat.

Please note that an address needs to be assigned by a trained professional due to the numerous standards and rules. Having a poorly assumed address may create unforeseen difficulties for a resident or business owner.

Apply for an Address

The City of Rosenberg utilizes an ESRI application called a GeoForm to collect address requests. The form contains a few information fields and a map. Please fill out the fields to the best of your ability and double check that the Requestor Email is correct. The official address letter will be emailed to the requestor at the email listed. When placing the location marker on the map please zoom in to a scale that allows an accurate placement.

For commercial developments please send a site plan showing the buildings, driveways, and all entrances to the buildings to the GIS Supervisor. Multitenant buildings will need unit numbers assigned by the city.

Developments with new plats will not be issued official addresses until the city receives a copy of the recorded plat.

To apply for an address please follow this link: Address Request Form

Who Receives the Assigned Addresses

After the address has been assigned and sent to the requestor the address will be shared with the following entities:
  • City of Rosenberg Emergency Services
  • City of Rosenberg Permitting
  • City of Rosenberg Water & Wastewater Utilities
  • Fort Bend County
  • Fort Bend Central Appraisal District
  • Greater Harris County 9-1-1
  • CenterPoint Energy
  • Lamar Consolidated Independent School District
  • United States Postal Service
  • Fort Bend Sheriff's Department