Proposition A - Emergency Services Complex

Project Cost: $18,500,000

Project Details:

  • Construction of an Emergency Services Complex
  • Proposed complex would include Fire Station No. 4, Fire Administration and an Emergency Operations CenterFire Station Option 1 Aerial-23_0622-1

Proposed Project Location:

  • Highway 36 at Fairgrounds Road near the Rosenberg Civic Center.


Why is an Emergency Services Complex Needed?

  • The City currently leases the Fire Administrative facility and Fire Station No. 4 facility from Fort Bend County.
  • The original intent of the lease agreements with the County was to allow the City short-term use of the former EMS building and bay space as a temporary solution to house Fire Administration and Fire Station No. 4 while the City made plans to construct its own facilities.
  • This current lease agreement will expire on December 31, 2029, and the County has indicated that they have plans for the site and will not extend the lease agreement.
  • Fire Station No. 4 is needed as the City grows to the south and west to meet response times and maintain ISO rating – which insurance companies use to set home insurance premiums.
  • The current facilities are filled to capacity with limited space for equipment and no room to grow.
  • The Emergency Operations Center previously utilized the Police Department Training Room but due to lack of space, the PD Training Room/EOC was converted to the Patrol Room.  
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