Why are we switching to free chlorine so often?

The frequency with which utilities switch to free chlorine depends upon the specific conditions of that system including climate and system demands. Free chlorine maintenance is practiced more often in warmer climates such as Texas, especially during the summer. The City of Rosenberg Utilities Department has determined that routine free chlorine maintenance should be practiced once and/or twice per year to promote a healthy distribution system given the low consumption during cold weather, and decreasing water demands for irrigation. This is consistent with the practices of other water utilities in the region.

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1. What is the “Water Distribution System Free Chlorine Maintenance Program?”
2. Can I drink the water during this maintenance program?
3. Why is the maintenance program being conducted?
4. When will the program be conducted?
5. Who will be affected?
6. Are free chlorine and chloraminated water safe?
7. What precautions should users of dialysis machines take?
8. What precautions should fish owners take?
9. Why are we switching to free chlorine so often?
10. Do the local or regional distribution systems have a bacteria problem?
11. What is free chlorine?
12. What is combined chlorine or chloramine?
13. Why does City of Rosenberg Utilities use chloramines most of the year?
14. Will customers notice any changes in the water during the program?
15. Why all the flushing?
16. What changes can be expected once the routine maintenance is completed?
17. If I have questions, who should I call for more information?