What if I want to surrender my owned animal?

We try to keep families together in the City of Rosenberg, so our team will first ask questions to understand the reason for surrender. It may be an issue we can help resolve! Per City Policy, Rosenberg Animal Control and Shelter does not accept owner surrenders at this time. Stray-surrenders from the city may only be accepted from residents within the City-Limits of Rosenberg with a valid driver’s license or ID, and are subject to a $35 surrender fee PER ANIMAL. Below are a couple of suggestions, alternatives, and resources available to assist you in keeping your pet:

Friends & Family

  • Network your pet through friends and family first.

Social Media:

  • Utilize sites like Facebook and Nextdoor to rehome your pet.

Rehoming Websites:

Local Organizations:

  • Best Friends Animal Society  (281) 899-3191
  • CAPS (Citizens for Animal Protection  (281) 497-0591
  • Houston Humane Society  (713) 433-6421
  • Houston SPCA  (713) 869-7722

Food Assistance:

  • Houston Humane Society  (713) 433-6421
  • Friends for Life  (713) 863-9835

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter

  • PUPS  (979) 732-5591
  • SNAP Houston  (713) 862-8001

Animal Services by Jurisdiction ONLY

  • Fort Bend Animal Services  (281) 342-1512
  • Sugar Land Animal Services  (281) 275-2364
  • Missouri City Animal Control  (281) 403-8707
  • Stafford Animal Control  (281)261-3977
  • Houston BARC  (713) 229-7300

IMPORTANT: When you surrender a pet, you are agreeing to give up all custody of the pet being turned in and understand that it will not be returned. In surrendering a pet you also understand that the pet may be euthanized at the discretion of animal control officials, at any time. If it is found that the stray animal you are delivering to the shelter belongs to you or to anyone in your household, you understand that you are committing a Class A Misdemeanor by knowingly making a false statement within a government record. Persons found making false statements shall be prosecuted for tampering with a governmental record pursuant to Texas Penal Code Section 37.10.

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