Ballet / Jazz Classes

Ballet and Jazz Classes

About the Dance Program

The City is excited to partner with EPIC Center for Dance to offer satellite classes in ballet and jazz to children ages 2 to 12.

Owner Brandy Robertson is not only a life-long dancer but has a list of professional credits and experiences dating back to college. For the past twenty years, Brandy has expanded her passion for the art by passing her knowledge and skill on to younger generations. She is passionate about continuing education and attends annual conferences and seminars to hone her craft and teaching skills. Brandy is excited to bring the heart of EPIC Center for Dance to Rosenberg, and believes that dance is a valuable addition to any life and the surrounding community! See more information about EPIC Center for Dance.

Registering for a Class

Interested participants need to register and pay each month at the Rosenberg Civic Center. Dance classes are available on a monthly basis, and registration expires at the end of each month. Click here to register for classes online. 

View the Fall Ballet Schedule.