The Patrol Division is the largest division at the Rosenberg Police Department. The Patrol Division is led by a Lieutenant and six Sergeants. The Patrol Division is comprised of forty officers. 


Their primary responsibility of the Patrol Division is to respond to calls for service, investigate criminal actions and deter and dismantle criminal activity within the city. This is accomplished through dynamic patrol tactics, proactive policing, and utilizing the Community-Oriented Policing philosophy, in combination with the use of advanced technology and equipment.

The Patrol Division also offers its officers the ability to be assigned to various specialized units with the division.

The Rosenberg Patrol Division has a patrol fleet of more than 30 vehicles, including “ghost” units. Each unit is outfitted with the latest technology including mobile data terminals, audio and video recording devices, back-up cameras, and rifle racks.


Within the Patrol Division there are several specialized units. Those units are the following:

  • Bicycle Unit
  • Detention Unit
  • Field Training Officer
  • Honor Guard
  • Training
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Unit
  • Bailiff / Warrant Unit