Did you know, one household that improperly recycles contaminates the entire truckload of recyclables which then must be discarded as regular solid waste? Read this page for helpful tips and tricks to ensure you are recycling right.

Weekly Recycling Pick-Up

Pick up of recycling occurs weekly on Wednesday. Carts should be at the curb before 7 am, with the front of the cart facing the street, and 3 feet of distance between the carts themselves and any other objects such as mailboxes, vehicles, fences, etc, to facilitate automated pickup.

Please note, per City regulations, customers may not place carts in the street right-of-way for collection prior to noon the day before collection. Carts must be placed out no later than 7 am on the day of collection. Emptied carts must be removed from the street right-of-way no later than 8 am on the morning following collection.

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