Motor Vehicle Burglaries

It doesn't matter what kind of vehicle your drive, all vehicles are a potential target of theft. In the state of Texas over 65,000 cars and trucks are stolen and almost 200,000 are burglarized each year. Many jurisdictions report keys left in vehicles and unlocked doors are major factors in stolen and burglarized vehicles. 


Tips to Protect Your Vehicle Take It, lock It, Keep It

  1. Always lock your vehicle and take your keys. 
  2. Never leave your car running and unattended.
  3. Park in a well-lit area
  4. Take valuables with you when you are not in your vehicle.
  5. Hide your valuables. Do not move valuable items to the trunk while in public view. ➢ Items in the open make your car a larger target. 
  6. Park in well-lit or heavily trafficked areas. 
  7. Thieves do not like witnesses. Find an attended lot or garage if possible. 
  8. Do not leave the garage door opener in plain view. 
  9. Do not leave out items with personal information. 
  10. Be attentive to your surroundings. Slow down and use common sense before you leave your car. 
  11. Give parking attendants the ignition key only. Keep your trunk and glove box locked at all times. If possible, get separate keys for the ignition and the trunk and glove box. 
  12. Install an anti-theft device. Many insurance companies may give you a discount for certain anti-theft devices. Check with your agent for details.