Crime Prevention

Crime prevention and public education is a cross-departmental goal, and each Rosenberg Police Officer is expected to incorporate aspects of each into all that they do. Crime prevention is the anticipation, recognition, and appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of an action to remove or reduce it. When you remove the opportunity, there is less crime. Awareness is the key to personal safety. Don’t give criminals the opportunity to commit a crime by being unaware of your surroundings. The Rosenberg Police Department always strives to remove the criminal element from the community. By working alongside our community, we can make the community and even better place to work and live. The resources contained here are intended to provide basic crime prevention information and information about crime trends in the area. 

Residential Crime Prevention 

Your home is your castle - don't let it be a target for criminals. Most burglars look for easy targets. There's a lot you can do to protect your home from crime - and give yourself some peace of mind! 

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Flock Safety

Flock crime prev picFlock Safety has built the first public safety operating system that helps HOAs, neighborhoods, businesses, and law enforcement in 1500+ cities work together to reduce crime, improve neighborhood security, protect privacy, and protect home values.

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The first way scammers do this is to get you to believe scam-1something good will happen to you (like winning a prize) if you do as they say. The other is by scaring you into believing something terrible has or will happen to you -- like your home will be foreclosed on or you will be arrested -- if you don't do as they say. In either case, through kindness or bullying they try to get you to send them money or disclose your personal financial information.

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Motor Vehicle Burglaries

It doesn't matter what kind of vehicle your drive, all vehicles are a potential target of theft. In the state  of Texas over 65,000 cars and trucks are stolen and almost 200,000 are burglarized each year. Many jurisdictions report keys left in vehicles and unlocked doors are major factors in stolen and burglarized vehicles. 

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Bank Jugging

Bank Jugging is when a suspect or suspects observe bank/credit unionBank Juggingcustomers entering and exiting the branch, using the drive-thru or accessing the ATM. The suspect(s) then follow the customers they believe are in possession of large amounts of cash and look for an opportunity to burglarize their vehicles or rob them directly.  

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National Crime Prevention Council

For more crime prevention tips and resources check out the National Crime Prevention Council website.