Chief's Advisory Panel

The Rosenberg Police Department strives to establish and maintain multiple avenues of outreach with our community to help build trust and relationships with those we serve. At the direction of Chief Jonathan White, the department has established a Chief's Advisory Panel. The panel is designed to create a forum for police-community interaction with the intent to address public safety and related community issues.

Goals of the panel

  • Create strategies and develop community policing concepts
  • Solicit community feedback to enhance community trust
  • Learn about community concerns

What this panel is not

  • Not for reviewing specific police operations or actions
  • Not to make decisions on behalf of the department at any level

Member Roles & Requirements

The rotating membership of the panel shall consists of at least four (4) citizens from all aspects of the community, representing a range of interests and experiences, three (3) members who are department employees from various divisions of the department, and one (1) member who will serve as a panel facilitator. Community members shall have diverse backgrounds, including business, education, non-profits, public relations, the faith community and more. The panel is expected to provide input on topics the Chief of Police deems appropriate and timely. 

Have a topic you would like the current panel to discuss? Email the information to

  1. Panel Member Roles
  2. Member Selection Criteria
  3. Member Term Limits
  1. Act as a sounding board for the Chief of Police regarding community needs and concerns, as well as community response to proposed police programs, priorities, and policies.
  2. Apprise the Chief of Police directly of the community’s need for police services. 
  3. Assist in educating the community at large about the function and role of the Rosenberg Police Department.
  4. Attend quarterly meetings that are held at the Rosenberg Police Department (with the exception of special meeting locations at the discretion of the Chief as needed.)
  5. Conduct discussion regarding emergent trends in law enforcement that affect the City of  Rosenberg.
  6. The panel will not serve to make recommendations regarding specific employee personnel issues nor operations nor policies.

Application Process

The application process for the Chief's Advisory Panel is now open. Click here to apply.